2x Yamaha DBR15 15″ Speaker

From: $100.00

The Yamaha DBR15 Sound System feature a pair of powerful, high-quality speakers suitable for events of up to 100 people, depending on the size of the venue. They are perfect for house parties, small functions, conferences or a bands front of house or fold back system.

These speakers are active, meaning you simply connect them to power and they’re ready to go! This sound system comes with stands and cables, ready to be plugged straight into a DJ or band mixer.

Want to connect your phone/laptop/iPad and DJ your own party? No worries – click here to add a mixer to your package for only $20!

  • 2 x Yamaha DBR15 Powered Speakers
  • 2 x Speaker stands
  • 2 x Power cable (5m)
  • 2x XLR/RCA/1/4″ Cable