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Need some help with hiring equipment or about booking a DJ? Check out our FAQ section below. If you still haven’t found an answer to your question, please call us or drop us an email at to discuss your event.

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what's included in your dj packages?

When you book a DJ package, we will bring the following to your event:

– Pioneer DJ Decks & Table
– 2x 15″ Speakers on Stands
– DJ Lighting (A mixture of Derby Lights, Par Can’s and Lasers)
– Smoke Machine (if the venue permits)
– Cabled Microphone

All we need from you is a space (about 3m x 2m minimum) and 2 power points. If more than 100 people are coming, it is recommended to add subwoofer/s for $50 each. You can also add extra lights, such as moving head lights, to increase the visual experience. We welcome you to email us or give us a ring if you would like to discuss your event.

how long will the dj stay for?

The DJ will stay for up to 5 hours, generally 7pm – 12am. If you need the DJ to stay longer, additional hours are $100 per hour if the event finishes before 12am, or $150 per hour if the event finishes after 12am.

If you need a customised quote, email us with your event requirements as we would love to work with you!

will the wedding dj also mc?

Our wedding rate is $1250 for 5 hours which does not include the MC. If you need the DJ to MC your formalities (introduce bridal party, first dance, cutting of the cake etc) then this is an additional $250. 

Alternatively, you can ask a close friend, family member, or anyone who is good at speaking in front of large crowds! 

can i choose my own music?

Of course! When you choose your music it gives us a good idea of what you are after and what type of vibe you are looking for. 

The easiest way to choose your music is is to make a Spotify playlist and share it with us. We’ll get the songs and put them together in our own playlist and make sure they’re ready for your event. You generally won’t need more than 30-40 songs in the playlist.

what dj lighting do you bring?

Our standard lighting is a CR Lite Party Bar. This is a 6-in-1 light which combines derby and par lighting, a laser and white strobe light. It is a very versatile light bar with hundreds of combinations, ready to get any dance floor rockin’. This will throw difference colours, shapes and patterns around the dance floor and leave your guests trying to touch the laser beams!

If you are looking to spend a little bit more and increase the quality of the light show, we have moving head lights on stands, more powerful lasers, strobe lights and different alternatives. Give us a ring and tell us about your event and we’ll assist in providing you the perfect set up. 

do i need a smoke machine? is it safe?

It is almost pointless to hire lights and not hire a smoke machine. The smoke machine leaves thin particles floating in the air, which when penetrated with the light beams, creates an awesome visual experience. Without the smoke, you will only see different colours on the wall and no light beams – this will take away from the full effect of the lights.

Yes – smoke machines are safe, even for asthmatics. It is actually not smoke, but water vapor (a mixture of water and glycerine which produces a smoke effect). If the venue permits the use of a smoke machine, then we highly recommend you let us bring it! 

when does the dj arrive?

The DJ will arrive approximately 1 hour before your event. This can depend on the type of sound system or lighting you have ordered, circumstances that will cause an extended setup period (e.g. stairs, unusual parking situations) or traffic that the DJ wants to avoid.

is a deposit required?

Yes, we require a deposit of $200 to secure a DJ. This is required as the DJ will start preparing music and playlists weeks prior to your event. This can be paid by credit card, bank transfer or Paypal. 

If you need to cancel the DJ and you give us more then 30 days notice, we’ll refund you in full!

how do i pay the remainder?

We’ll need the balance paid before the event starts. We usually recommend you paying the remainder by EFT the week prior to your event, or if you can’t manage this, then cash on the night when you first meet with the DJ. 

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Where can i pick up and drop off the equipment?

We are located in Brunswick West 3055. Our pickup address is only 5 minutes from the freeway exit at Moreland Road.

do you drop off and pick up the equipment?

Certainly! If you can’t pick up or drop off the equipment yourself, we have 2 drop off and pick up options available (day specific or time specific).

Day specific: We will drop off the equipment on the day of your event, between 9am – 5pm, and pick the equipment up on the following day from 9am – 5pm. This option is $60 per way.

Time specific: We will drop off and pick up your equipment at a specific time e.g. Saturday at 6pm. This option is $80 per way.

will you also set up the equipment and pack it down?

We will drop off the equipment with a set up manual (with instructions and pictures) for you so you able to set it up yourself.

If you aren’t able to set it up yourself or don’t have enough time, we will happily set it up and pack it down for $25 extra.

Is the equipment easy to set up?
Yeah. All our equipment comes with set up manuals which have been designed for people who have never used the equipment before. They have pictures and instructions to allow you to easily be able to set everything up. If you don’t have any experience, don’t worry, you’ll be okay!

If you are struggling to set it up on the day, you can call us at anytime and we will assist you with the setup process at no additional charge! 

What do I need to pick up the equipment?

You will need to bring a current Australian Driver’s Licence and a Debit/Credit Card for identification when picking up the equipment. If you do not bring these things, we may not release the equipment to you. 

Will the equipment fit in my car?

All of our 12″ and 15″ speakers plus a few lights will fit into a standard sedan with the exception of subwoofers. These are large and bulky and you will need an SUV or hatchback with fold down seats (or larger) to be able to fit these in. We have, however, been able to fit the subwoofers in certain sedans but it’s been a very tight squeeze and we wouldn’t rely on this.

If you are hiring lots of equipment (more than 2 speakers) or heaps of lights, you may need a larger vehicle. You can give us a ring and let us know what you’re thinking of hiring and we will tell you if it will fit!

How many speakers will I need?

We generally say that 2x 15″ speakers will be fine for events with less than 100 people or for regular sized function rooms. 

If more than 100 people are coming, the area is larger (bigger rooms, halls etc), or you are playing dance music with lots of bass, it is recommended to add a subwoofer or two. This will improve the sound quality, allow the music to play louder and reduce your chance of blowing the speakers. Give us a ring if you’re not sure what to get!

I'm not really sure what i need?

That’s OK. We have plenty of options available and can create a package based on your event requirements. Email us or give us a ring as we would love to help you out!

how do i make a booking?

To make a booking, you will need to go visit our equipment hire section on our website, choose the equipment you are after and add it into your cart. You will need to pay for your booking in full which will reserve the equipment for you.

If you need to cancel your booking and booking and it is more than 7 days in advance, we will refund your booking in full.

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